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DinoPark Blue River

Costa Rica’s Best Family Theme Park.

DinoPark is the first completely ecological park dinosaurs in Latin America and is also the dream fulfilled of the inner child of Daniel Apelboim, owner of Blue River Resort & Hot Springs which is part.
65 million years after the last dinosaurs disappeared from Earth, this seems to be the only corner of the country where dinosaurs did not become extinct; animatronics took shape. It seems that the intentions of the scene in Jurassic Park where the film's director puts us in Costa Rica, which prophecy was fulfilled, but not in San Jose; in Two Rivers Upala. !.

DinoPark is located within the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and is the first fully ecological park of dinosaurs in Latin America.

Going down the path of the park, children and adults will find 28 life-size dinosaurs. These animatronic animals make sounds, their eyes light up, wags his tail and legs and transported to an ancient era. It is best that are completely surrounded by the greenery of the Costa Rican jungle.

The largest of these specimens is the Mamenchisaurus, which weighs 27 tons and is 25 meters long. This dinosaur fed like giraffes and height and throughout his body had no competition. He lived until the end of the Jurassic period 152 to 145 million years ago. This and other data are part of the educational experience of visiting DinoPark, as each dinosaur is properly labeled and offers interesting facts about its existence. The hotel staff took pains to conduct extensive research to surprise the curious.

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